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  • One word with sandals with skills, so wear the most beautiful!
    To tell the truth the word with sandals in the previous year on the popular, Xiao Bian estimated this year will be more hot, really simple style is easier to match, the focus is thin, and cool, the status of this shoe is simply a small dress industry Black dress.

    Popular flowers who want to keep girls like a sense of light, 2-meter-long long legs, not only by the sketches of a pair of jade hand pull the leg grinding, in fact, put on a pair of words with sandals to save a lot of things The

    Black shirt with red tassels half skirt, at the foot of a pair of crystal word with sandals, and the United States a new height.

    Red bow tie with puff sleeves shirt + striped skirt + black word with high heels sandals simple and out of color. It is the United States and the United States da!

    Primrose yellow slits skirt + word with sandals, even if she was more than 160, wear out the proportion of not too good oh ~

    Dressed in all black lips pants + with the color of the small high-heeled, shoulder shoulder short hair capable type, small smoked makeup handsome sexy yet small woman's charming.

    Shape selection of black and white as the main color, metallic hand bag and a word with sandals echoes, still keep the clothes online.

    How to fit with a sandals?

    1. Legs and feet are thick

    If your feet are more fat type, or thigh calves relatively thick, too thin is not suitable for. Because air jordans for sale the contrast between the thin and thick cheap jordans legs is easier to amplify the legs of the jordan 7 defects. But put on a thick strip of sandals, you can see her legs fat it? Correct! Is so amazing ~

    2. Legs and feet small wear thin belt

    Feet thin or petite girl please try to choose the same strip with sandals. From the visual point of view, the strip is more light than the coarse belt, the larger area of ??the bare makes the feet more visually full. And still a little sexy Oh Strip compared to broadband look more spiritual, more feminine ~ combined with hot elements of the band is very chic. Whether it is weekdays casual or formal occasions, with a strip of sandals are the most classic with the choice.

    One word with sandals what color look good?

    1. black one word: classic

    cheap jordan shoes The most classic black wild, whether it is pants dress, shopping or work ... all kinds of occasions can hold live! Say a pair when N double wear is no exaggeration.

    2. white one word: fresh

    White comes with a Xianqi, summer, then white and more cool. Like a small fresh girl can come to a pair of white words with sandals, so that you refreshed!

    White lace with a white lace dress, really special cents cents.

    3. nude color with a long legs with long legs

    In addition to the classic black and white, often wear is nude color, and it is completely synonymous with elegance, the bare part of the foot from the visual extension of the legs of the lines, little girl can try naked color slender legs.

    2017-05-26 11:04:49
  • Dress with how shoes look good?
    Dresses with pointed high heels

    Dress with a pointed high heels is simply chopped male lore, sexy temptation full of dress with feminine full of high heels is definitely to increase the female hormone catalyst, both with perfect to seamless.

    Nude color sling bag hip skirt will be the perfect body to show the leaching of the same, a pair of the same color high heels with a dress with a comfortable and concave the proportion of slender, walking between the customs million. Accessories with a pair of sunglasses instantly enhance the gas field, white handbag with exquisite and elegant. In general, the summer dress with shoes on the same color is the same as both high and visual also gives a cool feeling.

    Dress with a word with sandals

    Give people the feeling of intellectual than the word with sandals. Itself with a word with sandals design is relatively simple, so the more space to the foot, the more visual the higher. In particular, this is no waterproof table of the word with a sandals is simply a high artifact, with a short skirt or high open fork dress skirt, slender legs at a glance.

    Want a sense of detail, refused to monotonous words can choose contrast with the law. On the map model blue wide shoulder dress with red high-heeled sexy and eye-catching, this year's popular network socks element is sexy max, with it to embellish the shape of another freshness.

    Dress with skirt with high jordan sneakers tube tie shoes

    Gaotong straps sandals always give a thick summer style, with it to match the dress can give people a sense of a holiday.

    Dress with Bob shoes

    Originally neutral Bob shoes are considered standard for male summer sandals. But now it is fashionable people who do not have a strict gender distinction. Summer wear a pair of pairs of shoes with a pair of sneakers dress sexy sexy eye-catching, free to create the style, natural and not contrived.

    Want to be more innovative, in recent years, popular socks outside the law is very worth trying, sandals with socks give a warm and retro feeling.

    Dress skirt with casual shoes

    Whether it is out of the street or a small white shoes canvas shoes, with it to match the dress with a full of breath. Mature style of small sling and casual shoes impact, unique mix of wind is also a beautiful landscape.

    Dress skirt with bare boots

    retro jordans If the bare boots are wearing a single product in winter, then you are wrong. Dress skirt with barefoot retro modern do not have a taste, it is worth trying.

    How to dress with a jacket

    Print dress in this season is very popular Oh, print the elements used in the dress in the dress, so skirt more fashionable. High waist dressing dress, excellent retouch waist type, skirt features lies in the description of the lace skirt, in color and small jacket set off each other, the whole is very harmonious. The deployment of a small jacket and a harness dress is a very common way of dressing.

    Weaving design elements to create a hollow perspective of the clothing style, very fashionable. White and pink with a total of always give people a most comfortable feeling. The soft texture of the harness, so that the skirt is more elegant beauty. Loose vest woven jacket, played a very good effect of modified body type. And matte blue, highlight the girls like youth and vitality.

    Floral dress skirt, very Bohemian style. Yellow always bring a warm feeling, this feeling with a small red flower floral, exudes a charming romantic atmosphere. Waist dress designed to show a good waist type, and loose dress is a good cover of the leg type, so that jordan 4 the overall lines more smooth and beautiful. Large lotus leaf design of the front skirt, the woman's unique character charm against the background more beautiful.

    2017-05-25 10:55:17
  • Summer the most fashionable ten kinds of dress with
    This summer to worry about. A pattern chiffon shirt, a beautiful skirt, a hole jeans can wear clothing fashion beauty.

    Eye-catching shirt + tight jeans + red thick heels, exposed waist, looks more fashionable, shoes, bright colors, bring out the shirt pattern, bright and full. Wearing a skirt travel is simple and beautiful, yellow pattern skirt body, with waist bow, the whole person more curves, hem pleats exposed legs, with flat shoes, simple and stylish. Printed lace T-shirt + tight jeans + white high heels, hole design is rugged fashion, tall.

    White chiffon shirt + black pleated skirt + high heels black stockings, collar and then white ribbon, both sexy, yet feminine.

    jordan 7 Pink wool pullover + pattern buy jordans small skirt + pink flat shoes, cool breathable, typical fresh lady Fan.

    White jacket + gray T-shirt + black casual pants turn feet + black flat shoes, very simple fashion, but also handsome jordan 10 and beautiful.

    White chiffon pullover + pattern pleated skirt, very ladies taste, fresh and refined, charming charming.

    Rose red stripes + black tight jeans and thick soled shoes, wide sleeves natural folds to form a beautiful pattern, with simple, beautiful youth.

    White hole coat + gray bottomed shirt + black small skirt, black and white gray three-color mix and match, color is simple and easy to make mistakes.

    Printed pattern T-shirt + wide tube hole jeans + casual shoes, eye-catching and stylish

    Many sister in the decision today to wear what time, carefully considered the clothes, but often overlooked the shoes. After all, most of the sister is the first set of clothes to determine the style, and then choose the shoes with whom as a supporting role. But drugs want to tell you that, as a green leaf of the shoes, in fact, is the key to decide your overall style of wearing. If the shoes do not take well, then you can not reach the kind of dress bling bling the effect of bling it! Say good this year's popular sports shoes + skirt with it! Sports shoes with skirt is not impossible, but to choose the shoes! Drugs can not help Tucao is the next figure and this is not the slightest beauty of the line of beauty shoes, from color to style are people can not bear to look directly.

    In fact, the athletic shoes selected, with a skirt is very fashionable. It makes the overall style have become youthful up! But the shoes to choose simple and generous models, the color can not be too horse, nearly two years of popular small white shoes, small powder shoes, there are wild little black shoes is very good.

    Skirts can choose according to preferences of various types. The proposal is to select some female elements full jordan 13 of skirts, such as lace skirt, yarn skirt, so as to achieve the maximum mix and match flavor.

    2017-05-24 11:19:22
  • How to dress out the legs of the six dressing method to solve your troubles
    Every girl wants to be tall and thin, there is no congenital conditions can be used with the day after tomorrow with the law, choose the right clothes and shoes with you can make a lot of times you want to be significantly tall and thin Oh, not only to choose their own clothes, Can not relax. Teach you five were very tall and thin effort with, armed to the soles jordan 13 of the feet.

    Significantly leaning with one of the following:

    High waist short skirt + sleeved floral clothing

    This summer popular floral clothing + simple high waist fold skirt, coupled with white sports shoes, a refreshing summer dress to get it! High waist will not appear thick legs, but also elongate the proportion of the legs, is simply a small thick sister sister's gospel.

    Was thin and thin machine with retro jordans for sale two:

    Curling pants + casual shoes

    V-collar T revealed a small sexy, black and small suit fashionable and wild, with black cheap jordans online loose curling pants will be visually pulled high, and black lazy shoes, black with very thin Oh, there is no trace of lazy Han Fan, wear This body to drink afternoon tea the most appropriate.

    Was tall and thin with three:

    Micro-exposed black with sandals

    Black dress, black sandals make the whole dress look cooler Large area of ??black faintly revealed a small part of the skin will appear to be more white, with black shoes, and black is recognized was thin color.

    Was very thin machine with the four:

    Loose short hit with small white shoes

    Loose section pink casual T with white thick bottom sneakers, wear high to help the bottom of small white shoes no longer worry about wearing high shoes to help the short legs of the problem, and also looked at the body Oh!

    Was very thin with the five:

    Pointed shoes + hot pants

    Pointed shoes is a long leg must have a single product. Plus rivet style in recent years is very popular, with high-heat pants to further elongate the lower body ratio.

    Was very thin machine with the six:

    Pleated skirt

    A lot of legs and friends did not dare to reveal the legs out, so will choose the pants or trousers, in fact, is not the case. If you are exposed enough to cover some of the knee, coupled with stockings, so that the body has a beautiful line, it will have a very good effect.

    jordan 4 Fat is more suitable for people wearing small leg pants, with high heels, in the visual can make his legs slender, but not with too long shirt, a reasonable plus some elastic jeans with wedge shoes or thick casual shoes, then Will look young handsome.

    2017-05-23 10:56:24
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