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  • How to dress out the legs of the six dressing method to solve your troubles
    Every girl wants to be tall and thin, there is no congenital conditions can be used with the day after tomorrow with the law, choose the right clothes and shoes with you can make a lot of times you want to be significantly tall and thin Oh, not only to choose their own clothes, Can not relax. Teach you five were very tall and thin effort with, armed to the soles jordan 13 of the feet.

    Significantly leaning with one of the following:

    High waist short skirt + sleeved floral clothing

    This summer popular floral clothing + simple high waist fold skirt, coupled with white sports shoes, a refreshing summer dress to get it! High waist will not appear thick legs, but also elongate the proportion of the legs, is simply a small thick sister sister's gospel.

    Was thin and thin machine with retro jordans for sale two:

    Curling pants + casual shoes

    V-collar T revealed a small sexy, black and small suit fashionable and wild, with black cheap jordans online loose curling pants will be visually pulled high, and black lazy shoes, black with very thin Oh, there is no trace of lazy Han Fan, wear This body to drink afternoon tea the most appropriate.

    Was tall and thin with three:

    Micro-exposed black with sandals

    Black dress, black sandals make the whole dress look cooler Large area of ??black faintly revealed a small part of the skin will appear to be more white, with black shoes, and black is recognized was thin color.

    Was very thin machine with the four:

    Loose short hit with small white shoes

    Loose section pink casual T with white thick bottom sneakers, wear high to help the bottom of small white shoes no longer worry about wearing high shoes to help the short legs of the problem, and also looked at the body Oh!

    Was very thin with the five:

    Pointed shoes + hot pants

    Pointed shoes is a long leg must have a single product. Plus rivet style in recent years is very popular, with high-heat pants to further elongate the lower body ratio.

    Was very thin machine with the six:

    Pleated skirt

    A lot of legs and friends did not dare to reveal the legs out, so will choose the pants or trousers, in fact, is not the case. If you are exposed enough to cover some of the knee, coupled with stockings, so that the body has a beautiful line, it will have a very good effect.

    jordan 4 Fat is more suitable for people wearing small leg pants, with high heels, in the visual can make his legs slender, but not with too long shirt, a reasonable plus some elastic jeans with wedge shoes or thick casual shoes, then Will look young handsome.

    2017-05-23 10:56:24
  • Casual pants with what shoes look good? Men's casual pants with shoes guide
    Casual pants with what shoes? Dark casual pants + white T-shirt / shirt + single shoes

    Black or blue-colored brunette men's casual pants with white t-shirt or shirt is the most classic combination of shoes, you can match with the trousers similar to the color of the canvas shoes, pants to the length of the ankle prevail, matched A pair of sunglasses, handsome and casual, street fashion small meat are so wear.

    Casual pants with what shoes camel casual pants + striped shirt / sweater + sneakers

    Camel casual pants with black and white striped shirt or sweater are good-looking, matched with sports shoes or canvas shoes is very refined, this body wearing a relatively casual and warm, not so formal handsome, but the leisure degree only increased, Uncle out of the street dress up.

    new jordans Casual pants with what shoes? Light casual pants + white shirt + dark suit jacket + dark leather shoes

    White or nude casual pants with a white shirt and dark suit jacket will appear very gentleman, matched with dark leather shoes or matte shoes are suitable for business people to wear daily, no trousers that kind of cautious, and no cowboy So casual, wild casual pants is so suitable for any occasion needs.

    Casual pants with what shoes? Color casual pants + personalized shirt / sweater + bright scrub shoes / sports shoes

    With the hit color elements of the popular, many young people love different combinations of colors, highlighting their own personality, men's casual pants hit the color with of course also become part of the vitality of youth. These two wearing wear are representative of the color, blue casual pants with printed shirt and red matte shoes, orange-red casual pants with gray sweater and fluorescent shoes with yellow, color contrast is very strong, men's casual pants also released A strong sense of fashion, whether it is shopping or travel, are very suitable for oh.

    Casual pants with what shoes? Straight casual trousers + British short boots

    Slim straight casual trousers can come out of the men's body, the casual style of the long pants to a British taste full of shoes, gives a concise impression, exudes a noble connotation.

    Casual pants with what shoes? Small feet cowboy casual pants + sports shoes

    Want to wear a small young fashion fashion children, small feet denim casual pants and sports wear shoes wear essential. Small feet cowboy casual trousers small volume, coupled with the tide of the Wansi shoes, the overall style is very Fan, handsome.

    Casual pants with what shoes? Received feet guard trousers + sports running shoes

    Pro who have not found the moment the small meat are like sports tide, men's casual pants with what shoes? Sports running shoes is one of the good choice. As the figure in the sports leisure to wear foot pad wearing a new balun running shoes, sports and leisure correct.

    Casual pants with what shoes? Casual trousers + low to help sports shoes

    Casual trousers and business casual pants slightly different, both compared to business casual pants will be more formal. Now the leisure trousers gradually into the fashion of the big tide, this type of male casual pants with what shoes? Retro running shoes, trend board shoes, a pedal or Lok Fu shoes are to refuse, great with.

    Casual pants with what shoes? Business casual pants + business casual shoes

    Business casual pants style in the leisure and business, how to reconcile the good position is not on top of retro jordans the mix of shoes recommended business casual shoes, the same style, the overall coordination, whether in entertainment or business negotiations can Give others a pleasant and without losing the meaning of the gas field.

    2017-05-22 11:02:40
  • What kind of color with a small white dress look good?
    As a goddess advanced single product, small white skirt both high heels, flat shoes or sports shoes are ok, because can match, mainly to see what kind of color with a small white dress shoes look good, shoes with a good, Can really be immortal So what is the beauty of the little white dress with what skills, follow the trend of people look at their wear it.

    And with flat shoes, whether it is sports shoes or other leather shoes, are relatively more casual, relatively with sports shoes and girls more students. And with the boots, it is cool little fairy, but here to say, the skirt with the boots, the legs should pay attention to the appropriate dew, some people like to hide the boots in the dress, not only easy to show short legs It is also easier to be bulky. Compared to what style shoes, summer wear white skirt, in fact, jordan 12 more important is what color shoes.

    What kind of color with a small white dress look good? Of course first consider white! White skirt + white shoes, the color of both the visual sense will not appear unexpected. Although the whole one but will not make people feel bored, but people feel very fresh, because the white skirt itself is fresh and fairy, not monotonous. A white is very cool, so it is also very suitable to add a straw hat Oh ~ ~ white dress take what color of the shoes? Nude color ok! Nude color shoes are very suitable for calf thick baby, nude color will not highlight your leg lines. And nude color of the shoes will be virtually stretched in your legs, this color is also significant and mature.

    Black and white with a safe color, never wrong, two omnipotent neutral color with, feel simple and pure and elegant. Even the black casual flat shoes, will appear to be stable. Black boots with retro style skirt is already a rush to the music festival equipment. Small white dress to take what color of the shoes? Brown camel this kind of earth color is actually safe color, with the white with a very casual.

    jordan 13 Said white is a universal ride, but jordan 12 in fact the white skirt shoes will have a minefield. Try to avoid this bright light, because the white skirt is very refreshing, this color and white skirt ride together makes people feel very tired. A white time, bright color can take, but with a relatively low saturation of some of the bright colors will be more suitable for ~

    In fact, the metal color is very good, a small area of ??metal color is the finishing touch of the pen, and white ride is absolutely OK.... Silver color shock feeling is not so strong, but also definitely make your white more eye-catching. How about, little white dress with shoes skills you learned it?

    2017-05-19 10:50:24
  • Princess skirt with what shoes look good? Add a noble for sweet
    Point: ladies flat shoes + princess skirt

    Recommended with: white straw hat + wave point envelope bag + white strapless princess skirt

    With a review: a full set of white with the main, wave point hand bag with a simple mix to bring little different. Ladies flat shoes into the whole set of temperament looks very gentle.

    Point: Black little high heel + Princess skirt

    Recommended match: blue big bow cake skirt + black small high-heeled + exaggerated diamond earrings

    With the comments: This selection is pure light blue, behind the big bow and cake skirt design so that girls like a sweet turn sugar cake, black high with the mix for this sweet added a noble.

    Point: Black strap Punk wind sandals + Princess skirt

    Recommended with: white lotus leaf princess dress + wave point hair band + black strap punk wind sandals

    With comments: take this because of the punk wind sandals to join, bring the slightest of the wild, the little princess who also have a vicious side ~ is only a little nail with a nail Oh ~

    Point: light brown college wind small shoes + princess skirt

    Recommended with: College wind princess dress + uniform handbag + light brown college wind small shoes

    With reviews: a touch of gentle atmosphere from the mix out, college wind small shoes to join, so that the fragrance of the scholarly overflowing. You will not be in the royal library encountered a steal the little princess read it?

    cheap jordans for sale Princess skirt with what shoes look good? More modeling recommendations:

    White can highlight the most elegant princess Fan, short dress to the influx of people look tall and slim, hem beautiful lace edge for this princess dress to add more romantic elegance. Elegant and charming, and was significantly thin cool summer, which MM will be like it!

    Two colors of visual impact techniques, the back of the hollow design is a bright spot, cleverly exposed butterfly bone, low-key sexy, show cheap jordans graceful figure, superficial little sexy, reveals a lot of different! Waist slightly exposed a circle hit the color edge of a unique , Enhanced Yiyi line sense, but also elongated body proportions, this style of the general temperament of the MM can easily control!

    Soft milk white, such as fresh baby clean and clear. Four skirt, continued down, totally natural. Such as Natalie Portman general princess temperament, it is so easy to present. The most important thing is that this dress on the chest and leg type has a good cover effect, it is worth trying to models.

    A floral princess dress, luxurious colors coupled with gorgeous color printing, looks very retro and has a literary Fan, a British rejuvenated full of dress, hem double design, the choice of pure color at the end of both the characteristics of the skirt But also enhance the visual beauty of the senses, the whole looks very elegant and noble.

    In contrast to the dew exposed, the princesses are more in love with a show of sweet, bright silk chiffon like silk generally shiny and soft texture, splicing heart-shaped embroidery lace loose fold small pendulum, as if skirt break into the city bustling Of the charming wizard, more than just a sweet too.

    Waist stitching in particular, there are two sets of effects, the upper body of the pendulum pattern as if the paper-cut flower is generally jordan 13 new jordans rich in artistic sense, the doll collar has added the overall degree of cute, revealing charming clavicle and thin shoulders more temperament, pleated skirt Wind gently flying, as you create super cents image.

    2017-05-18 10:44:43
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