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  • Women wear high heels to make your delicate legs more slender, giant was thin by age
    Women wear high heels to make your tender legs more slender, giant was thin by age, who wear the United States, the following by Xiaobian to share with you several 2018 spring popular high heels, I hope you fancy Oh, what What da!

    This stylish thick with high heels, elegant fish head thick with the height of the elongated legs have the effect of the rear zipper adds a layer jordan sneakers of design sense, so more suitable for office crowd or attend the banquet when wearing, with a swaying Red dress, so you are very elegant and charming

    This simple plain high-heeled shoes, simple version full of feminine shoes distributed, it will become the focus jordan 7 of everyone's attention to wear the fish head design, rough with 8 cm height design to extend the leg lines unlimited, wear Looks tall

    Classic cow suede shoes upper, shallow pointed tip fine with the design of the outline of the exquisite curve of the instep, followed by embellishment of flower design, gives the elegant and stylish visual enjoyment, the foot is more delicate and elegant foot

    Pointed rough with high heels, upper diamond embellishment decoration, it is unique ingenuity, with its bright and simple colors and shapes as a whole to add the personality of the United States. 6 cm thick fashion with the height of the body to enhance the proportion

    Small fragrant rhinestone high heels, pointed lengthened leg ratio, upper gauze rhinestone design to create elegant atmosphere, thick with high heels can enhance femininity, is simply the gospel of a small girl, with a comfortable sheepskin insoles, let you walk More relaxed and comfortable

    jordan 13 Charming pointed high heels, shallow mouth will jade foot slender skinny side exposed, showing elegant femininity, leather checkered upper, pointed curvature and fine with the design, wear charming and invincible temperament.

    2018-02-23 09:51:30
  • This year's new Martin boots, single women are all rushing to buy, but also significant temperament
    Convenient lace design, design is easy to wear off, suede to create soft upper, comfortable with thick rubber design, very stylish, both the trendy elements of the strap, pointed, not only very wild, sexy pointed, It is different from normal shoes, simple pull ring reveals a trendy and fashion sense, more secure, very wild a Martin boots, delicate and supple inside, breathable is very good, classic eternal, matte material fabrics , More safe and stable, designed for women with comfortable, with pantyhose or pants to highlight femininity.

    Convenient lace design, more stable and secure, pointed, suede to create soft upper, comfortable with thick rubber design, both strap fashion trend elements, breathability is very good, very wild a Martin boots, sexy Pointed, simple pull ring reveals the trendy and stylish, delicate and supple new jordans inside, more secure, classic and timeless, the design is easy to wear off, designed specifically for women with the comfort, not only very wild, it and the general Different shoes, very stylish, matte material fabric, with pantyhose or pants highlight the femininity.

    Atmospheric wild style, classic fashion, stylish atmosphere on the grade, stylish wild, wear a unique and mature flavor, chic trendy taste, elegant thick high heels, flat with high heel Martin boots to wear comfortable, wear and was Lean skin is more delicate, the overall style is a word cool, with the arc of the transition to lengthen the leg line, high-quality sheepskin leather, side zipper easy to wear off, comfortable non-slip, retro style feels a lot of stories Looks like, stretching the calf curve, fine with exactly the height, really big love.

    jordan 11 Atmospheric wild style, the transition arc with the type to be able to lengthen the leg line, suede fine workmanship, very suitable for wear in this season, classic and romantic retro elements, the whole style is a word cool, wear it Lean skin was more delicate and elegant, wear-resistant anti-aging, comfortable non-slip, classic fashion, a very simple boots but the warmth is absolutely good, retro style feels like a story, chic trend has taste, Flat with high-heeled Martin boots comfortable to wear, toe and heel metal decoration even more fashion.

    Autumn and winter with the new low-size large size women's boots, can play the Department pull lines, but also easy to wear, good warmth, comfortable warm and soft, full of luxury, light weight, it is short boots, simple atmosphere but very assertive personality, Rub color round head full and upright, even stepping on high-heeled, warm and comfortable, upper waterproof snow, fringed decoration, but also a good stretch legs, more jordan 13 concise and capable, gas field full, delicate touch, no significant Suddenly, with the tip of jordan 4 fashion personality, fashion Martin boots style, retouch feet more intellectual and elegant.

    2018-02-09 09:48:32
  • The retro jordans for sale end of the jordans for cheap most popular new air jordan shoes, wear it right the wrong New Year
    Speaking of shoes, many people have a lot of ideas, shoes to buy more than the beautiful buy comfort is also important, retro jordans and the shoes jordan 11 worn on jordan 13 the feet, if new jordan shoes not fit, really uncomfortable, and cheap jordan shoes now many small girls, will be in shoes Make an article, so that height is more tall, with a skirt, or pants can be beautiful, let's take a look jordan 12 at it.

    New shoes casual shoes

    jordans on sale Fashion shoes, casual shoes, a cute style, but it is added a plush fashion design, looks like a warm, comfortable plush or hair ball, shoes can add highlights, can actually jordan 7 wear it Very warm, stylish upgrade trend, winter can cheap jordans for sale also add a bright spot, so casual shoes more suitable to go out to wear, fashion, warm and comfortable.

    New women's casual shoes

    The most fashionable charm of the shape, with jordan 1 this arc-shaped lines jordan 11 to create casual shoes, the overall temperament on the foot is very Western style, jordan 13 jordan 10 stylish shoes full of noble sense of quality. jordan shoes In wear cheap jordans on the feet will make people think watching is also more like people, will be full of confidence, look generous yet vulgar, can bring the texture will be very good, jordans on sale like the jordan 4 overall air jordans for sale details of the Department buy jordans is also extremely it is good.

    New women's casual shoes

    Can withstand the impact of impact new jordans and the cheap jordans online ground cheap jordans for sale to make jordan sneakers a sensitive response, resulting in better cushioning, with different shapes, enhanced non-slip high-end, bringing a relaxing walk experience. This product features spell color design, especially for jordans for sale lazy people wear, but also sets the foot design, instantly broke the monotonous shoes, highlighting the big children in Europe and the United States.

    2018-02-07 10:01:10
  • 2018 Spring Festival, a pair of wild shoes make you fashion in the end
    Retro black round head boots, short plush material inside, showing feminine light of the feminine charm, full of tension and flexibility, no matter what kind of clothes with look good, exquisite and beautiful metal buckle decoration, a handsome little lace Leather shoes, feel fine, good with shoes, collection of natural high quality rubber made of non-slip wear soles, how to wear are all type, flexibility, style beautiful, selection of high quality leather fabric, Wearing light and comfortable, wear it super temperament Oh.

    Classic selection of the first layer of leather, dress, short skirts, jeans, shorts, wide leg pants and so on can easily control, in line with the needs of the public, absolute luxury.

    This year's super-popular elastic boots, was thin and significantly high, enhance the woman's temperament, knee boots, good texture, full texture, put on like socks, highlighting the quality of high-end sense of Oh, at first socks style boots, it seems In particular, there are grades, walking smooth and jordan 4 comfortable, soft, put pressure on the stovepipe, exquisite matte leather material, can be worn in autumn and winter, are thinner than the light, and the ratio of the size of the legs adjusted beautiful.

    In the cold autumn and winter, wearing this stilettos boots, the same can make you a goddess of charm.

    Elegant and self-willed, non-slip rubber sole, stylish solid color design, the classic small round plan, with the design of the rough, more three-dimensional, but wearing it does not feel tired feet, simple style generous, but very obvious temperament, comfort Heel height, wearing a long time is not tired, leather upper comfortable high-end, superb craftsmanship, can fall through the winter, feels very comfortable, at the same time give you a comfortable wearing experience, material comfort, with sexy small pointed, 4 thick with a single shoe, comfortable and wear-resistant.

    Comfortable warm, but also cover part of the calf meat, more youthful vitality, the classic little round plans, non-slip rubber sole, crisp, leather upper comfortable high, autumn fire 4 with a single thick shoes, more three-dimensional , With sexy small pointed, more than the average plush inside thermal insulation, supernatural fold design, with a small pointed, fashionable British style, at the same time give you a comfortable wearing experience, exquisite craftsmanship, but very significant temperament , Wear a long time is not tired, you only need a pair of boots.

    cheap jordans for sale At a glance you can see the texture of the shoes, do not be foolishly wearing a stiletto heel, compared to ordinary synthetic leather more comfortable, exquisite Martin with boots, fashion version of the exquisite design, with jeans, pants, capture everyone The pursuit of the United States, the deep breath is fascinating, but also the originator of popular elements of the street, like this style is more wild, retro style feels like a story, so take off more new jordan shoes convenient, high-end atmosphere, the effect of the foot Very good, not Wei feet, pull the leg lines.

    2018-02-05 09:45:02
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