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  • How to wear zhaoxing dating? So take the beautiful and worry
    Valentine's Day is approaching, in this romantic festival, in advance to send their own pair of wild shoes, with the right clothes, in front of you to love you show the most temperament you!

    Skirt + pointed shoes

    Each woman's wardrobe is covered with a wide variety of skirts, belly sweet pleated skirt and elegant sultry pencil skirt, or temperament was thin flare skirt, as well as to attract the eye design section skirt Let you in a variety of styles between the random switch, these skirts with pointed shoes to wear, it is necessary to pay attention to the color of harmony, but also take into account the choice of pointed shoes style Oh. Pink tip shoes, absolutely with the skirt of the most suitable partner, not only will show legs white, but also look very slender legs. When the most fashionable pointed shoes and skirts combined together, afraid of no return rate?

    Dress + jeans + hollow sandals

    new jordans Summer, how can we get a romantic dress? air jordan But this year but more out of the dress to take jeans so interesting "conservative wear law", not to mention I did not tell you Oh, nice and personality. What kind of dress should the shoes look good? In fact, with a pair of hollow sandals to wear can be added enough fashion index.

    Shirt + jeans + shallow mouth shoes

    Serious shirt mix and match with the free and easy jeans, plus a variety of anti-wear halter style, breaking the original shirt formal, more than a lot of personalized street sense. The jeans with shallow mouth shoes, LOOK for the body to add new jordan shoes a sense of shape at the same time, also injected a little personality uninhibited unique feminine. Moreover, shallow shoes, wear for a long time, take too many roads will not be tired, especially for Valentine's Day shopping, travel, nice and casual.

    Dress + cat with heel / Rare heel

    Speaking of temperament, what is more than a dress more temperament and grace it? So, what dress to take the dress? In fact, regardless of dark, light-colored dress ride, with a pair of pink cat with heels or thick with a pair of sandals can be, at the same time, fashion can not lose points!

    Shoes, you can see a woman's taste. Tanabata Festival do not know what shoes with the crush of the clothes, may wish to try Xiaobian above with the recommended Oh, to ensure that walking on the road will be praised the influx of people!

    2017-08-24 10:26:37
  • 9 pants + flat shoes = early autumn the most fire CP!
    Pointed shoes and 9 pants is elegant and without losing the girl's heart CP, pointed shoes themselves are more high, you can visually lengthen the legs line, so you look more tall gas field. And if the pointed flat shoes is nude color, then the high degree of straight up Oh ~

    In recent years, sports wind swept the fashion circle, a pair of sexy shoes with jeans with pants, suit nine pants, sports pants, can cheap jordan shoes be full of vitality. "Rotten street" small white shoes is the leader in sports shoes, it is wild and comfortable, with jeans 9 pants is simply a sense of youth bursting! Even with the competent OL wind nine pants, but also in the concise and more in a little more comfortable.

    Mueller shoes last year on the popular fashion circles, to this year is the heat diminished, retro atmosphere so many people favor endless, wearing a small white shoes, may wish to change the style. Flat Muller shoes are more comfortable than high-heeled, not only wear off the convenience, revealing the design of the heel will not be cut off the leg to the foot of the transition, both handsome and real wear.

    In the high temperature of the twilight summer season, 9 pants + sandals / sandals still maintain a very high street frequency, compared to other writers, these two shoes look more casual!

    Tie elements is also an important trend in recent years, with feminine tie shoes and handsome nine pants mix, jordan 7 more collision with a particularly fashionable spark. Of course, if the fear of short legs, then try to choose the skin more fine straps or nude color flat shoes Oh ~

    Music shoes, Oxford shoes, Bullock shoes, Derby shoes, Mary Jane shoes are four seasons to wear and retro models of shoes, and nine pants group CP will have a slightly retro style of the arts Fan children. Sexy sexy lazy and elegant temperament, unique British style can give us full of texture and classic and durable.

    cheap jordans Nine pants with flat shoes this group CP comfortable and stylish, called the season with the best match.

    I do not know what you love with 9 pants with what shoes?

    2017-08-23 10:45:15
  • How do couples wear sports shoes more understanding?
    No matter what the shoes, there will be a clear gender line, let people know that this is the men's shoes, which is the shoes, often wear a couple when the models can only rely on the same color to show, only sports shoes Different, men and women can wear the neutral style, it is suitable jordan 1 for a variety of tacit wear between couples, it is better to follow Xiaobian to see today recommended several shoes, which pair of shoes for you to do it!

    This is a men and women can wear panda shoes, the most suitable for wearing a new jordans couple shoes to wear. The upper with mesh and artificial leather stitching, soft and comfortable; unique vest with a design, asymmetric design highlights personality, with a unique trend of charm and cool feeling.

    jordan 4 This female models retro basketball shoes hit color design, it is a return to the campus life feeling. The new design, the main use of EVA material, lightweight and comfortable, the soles of the shoe position to increase the rubber sheet to increase the soles of the anti-skid and wear; upper with mesh and artificial leather stitching, solid color into the collision design, Fashion trend upgrade.

    This stylish straps of casual sports shoes, men and women can wear. Classic style, artificial leather and anti-fur stitching, soft and comfortable; waist and tongue parts added serpentine elements and mirror PU embellishment, making the entire upper fashion upgrade, cool and classic combination, with the degree of super high!

    This shoe design highlights the use of anti-fur and artificial leather material, and then joined the shiny elements, publicity and personality, showing your youth style. Soles used EVA material, light shock absorber, joined the rubber patch, it is to improve the anti-skid wear effect, wearing more comfort.

    This shoe exquisite anti-fur upper, coupled with lightweight memory-based cushioning soles and high resilience of the insole, to the foot to bring more soft care and enhance the cushioning effect, cheap jordans online reduce the movement of the ground The impact of the Department.

    2017-08-22 10:29:28
  • Put on the thick buy jordans shoes, so that the small man into a tall temperament female!
    cheap jordans online Among the many popular shoes, thick shoes can be described as the biggest controversy, both people say it ugly out of the sky, who wear old age, but in fact, in real life, but also someone can wear a very nice shoes, and Thick shoes had once been a star bloggers crazy love no. On the skirt or pants, with a thick soled shoes, not only can lengthen the legs lines, but also did not bulky that visual sense.

    This simple wind sandals, comfortable ride does not grab the limelight, tones clean and cheap jordan shoes clean, matte leather light weight without weight, wearing a light and comfortable, Velcro design is also very simple and practical. Shoes are non-slip style, very real wear, thick soles and insoles design, small feet also play a high effect, with you easily forward.

    Students thick sandals sandals, in the thick with the end of the design, polyurethane outsole, in the end is full of flexibility, non-slip wear, give you the best comfort experience. Very easy to use the style, not easy to outdated design, to ensure that you never forget, metal texture of the upper is this year's fire elements, with diamond decoration, has a full sense of new jordan shoes the future, well-designed slope perfect stretch ratio The

    Clever pearl decoration is the fashion circle of recent hot design, the British wind leisure shoes with pearls, look retro and charm.

    Thick pizza shoes, many styles are wild and practical, with shorts can wear shorts, the liberation of the feet and grow height, walking steady Dangdang, is a must for girls, especially the little man crush the gospel Oh!

    Thick bottom of the small white shoes calm and chic, tendon thick bottom with super soft upper, such as step on the comfort in the clouds, the overall atmosphere of the shoes exquisite, regardless of what style of clothing, can reflect the perfect quality of small white shoes.

    This kind of loose soles soles style shoes, this is the lace design, spring and summer can wear a single shoe, easy to wear clothing with the feeling of leisure, thick bottom models, wearing a special fashion in the foot Fan! The little girl is worth trying!

    This is a pink sneaker, giving a full of youthful vitality. Soft soles, for us to bring a better wearing experience. Stylish thick bottom Velcro small white shoes, 8 cm thick on the bottom of a circle of red decoration, comfortable not tired; Velcro easy to be more thin, red tongue with blue heel, hit color fashion.

    2017-08-21 10:50:38
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