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  • These shoes popular this year, with stylish and warm
    snow boots

    Blizzard romantic winter, follow the snowflake rotation graceful gesture, a pair of comfortable and comfortable snow boots best. Snow boots wear a pair of shoes, shopping, dating, go where OK, spliced yarn, flexible, excellent, long wear not deformed.

    Short boots

    When the short boots with thick plush vamps, I think not many girls can resist the temptation.

    Increased leather boots

    This booties, light and zero pressure to wear, warm and soft luxurious rabbit fur jordan 7 soft, non-slip rubber so that you can boldly hop in the streets in winter.

    jordans for sale Plus velvet thermal boots

    Rainy weather, without a completely warm boots is not under the determination to go out.

    Flat leather rabbit hair boots

    Old cold winter do not wear beauty high heels, and try this stylish wild warm boots it.

    Flat leather rabbit hair boots

    Simple solid color with classic snow boots design, stylish atmosphere, the top of the feather design, more fit the ankle.

    Rabbit fur flat boots

    This stylish boot helps you to enhance your femininity.

    Short boots

    This boots highlight the unique sexy femininity of the feminine temperament, wear fashionable femininity.

    Increased within the short tube snow boots

    Little girl how to wear a taste, tall, good build, increased boots, of course, his help.

    Increased within the short tube snow boots

    This short boots matte leather fabric, highlight the grade, the increased design is significant leg length, bringing together the public buy jordans attention, beautiful appearance, on the foot is very beautiful.

    2017-12-14 09:59:37
  • Popular this year, several shoes, the goddesses are wearing
    What do you want to be able to match, can easily control the fashion trendy shoes? Then take a look Xiaobian introduce you to these few shoes it! Both wild and comfortable, easy to control a variety of styles, whether it is wide-leg pants, or wild black pants, can wear a big-name feeling, simple and stylish atmosphere, easily lead the fashion trend, simple but not simple.

    Classic Korean casual shoes

    Classic wild fashion white shoes, most jordan 7 of my sister's favorite, because it can with a variety of styles, simple but not simple, both stylish and comfortable, not stomping, unshaven fabric design, spiritual color, Let you unique personality in the crowd out of color, classic white shoes, enduring in the wave of fashion, to create approachable but attention to detail of the image, to create your own beauty.

    Fashion tassel is thin and wild

    This year's trend, fashion fringed casual shoes, with careful tassel design, was thin and wild, filling the lazy style, comfortable feel, comfortable, relaxed version, super wild, neat version of the design, simple Without losing the elegant, non-slip wear-resistant sole design, easy to wear high-end goddess Van, there is a sense of cute cute it.

    jordan 4 Leading cheap jordans fashion trend plus velvet shoes

    Soft and comfortable shoes, the use of plus velvet design, to prevent the feet cold, specifically for the cold sister intimate design, with plus cashmere shoes, to add an elegant temperament, flat with plus velvet shoes, exquisite warm , The same can wear the feeling of big-name, an increase of fashion sense, and more low-key luxury, with skirts or wide-leg pants, can easily manage.

    2017-12-12 09:45:20
  • Why do you say every woman wants a pair of high heels, after reading you know
    Fresh and elegant, elegant a high heels, is the jordan 13 dream of every girl shoes, a variety of colors dotted with vamps, rubber sole non-slip, put on even more tall figure. As you can see, this is a pair of luxurious, atmospheric crystal shoes, so a pair of noble and elegant rhinestone heels, to adapt to a variety of occasions, dress with.

    Crystal shoes high heels

    When wearing barefoot high heels, stretching his legs, highlighting the charming curve of the legs, modeling ever-changing, gradient color design, neat lines cut, it is essential shoe it. Dazzling eye-catching jordan 13 crystal sequins, glittering charming sexy, highlighting the elegant women. Elegant high heel air jordans for sale design, modified leg type, full of visual tension.

    air jordan Pointed shallow mouth high heels

    No woman can withstand the temptation to fine with high heels, fine with high heels in addition to increase the height, more importantly, to enhance the temperament. Because thin with high heels make a woman's stance, walking posture is full of charm, full of fashion allure. The effect is very bright on the foot, fine with fine design, make your legs more slender beauty, it is worth to be a member of your shoe, wearing a very fan out of the Queen.

    Rhinestone wedding shoes high heels

    Elegant, intellectual fashion, beautiful never bound. Delicate and luxurious hand-set crystal rhinestones, low-key exudes a dazzling light and bright luxury elegance. As if talking about a different charm. Luxury shiny diamond decorations, so that this shoe is more noble temperament, pointed stiletto design, so you easily have the goddess qualities.

    2017-12-07 09:44:20
  • Joker stylish boots with rough, popular winter single product No. 1
    The face of many styles, materials, boots, is not that some difficult to start it? Is there any trendy, comfortable and versatile shoes like a white shoe? The answer is yes, new jordan shoes with short boots is a small white shoes in the fall and winter, the trend, comfortable and wild.

    Cool and fresh dresses with rough with the look of boots just right. Handsome thick heels can make the sweet floral dress looks more a touch of free and easy sexy in it. With a long section of the trench coat, not only looks more feel free and easy, even when walking seems to have a gust of wind at the foot.

    Because there is a strong sense of freedom different from the boots, but also has a sense of comfort at the same time different from the high heels, so into a variety of styles are not a problem, even thick fur coat can easily control.

    Although rough with wild boots do not pick people, but do not pay attention to occur if the classic appearance of thick legs and short legs. So rough with boots how to choose?

    More than ankle 10cm boots, please tell it no! Especially in exposed legs will be more exaggerated to depress their height. If your own shoe really only this style, you can choose self-cultivation feet pants or straight trousers, so as to minimize the short leg effect.

    new jordans For girls who are not tall, the jordans for cheap choice of rough and boots when trying to choose and ankle styles, if you want to choose a few longer also try to control within 5cm. With an extra high waist short skirt, even if less than 160cm can have 170cm long legs.

    If it is a fatter girl in the lower body, you can use the eight-leg wide-leg pants coupled with the style of the loose-toe booties, revealing a short ankle and calf make the lower body look slimmer.

    It is also worth mentioning that, if and skirt with a very simple principle, which lean exposed. Choose a skirt of the right length, revealing what you feel most confident about yourself, not just fashion but also grooming your body.

    If still not yet self-confidence, choose a big skirt or A dress skirt! jordan 12 Reveal a small leg leg visually can cause a slim illusion!

    2017-12-05 09:49:44
  • Worn wrong shoes into a small thick legs? Winter new jordan shoes buy jordans shoes jordans on sale with law
  • Worn wrong shoes into a small thick legs? Winter new jordan shoes buy jordans shoes jordans on sale with law
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  • Fine with high heels, feminine, to create a sexy woman charming
  • "Small man to wear" autumn and winter shoes with
  • Women like to wear long boots, stylish and warm
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