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  • Teach you a gray shoes with you do not see you lose!
    Gray shoes are also common, gray canvas shoes, gray shoes, gray shoes and so on. Gray shoes, as it is the same degree of common, in fact, bought a match, then, let our street tide to jordan 13 teach you what gray shoes with pants look good.

    Gray shoes are also common, gray canvas shoes, gray shoes, gray shoes and so on. Gray shoes, as it is the same degree of common, in fact, bought a match, then, let our street tide to teach you what gray shoes with pants look good.

    Some people think that the whole body with a total of no more than three colors, and gray is relatively dark color, it must have a little color to contrast. Some people think that gray and white, black, like wild color, the basic can and any color match. These two views have their own reasons, then, gray shoes with what pants, street tide told air jordan you.

    Gray shoes and jeans with

    Gray shoes and jeans with basically can be said to be free to take, in order to better results, or recommend gray jeans, that gives a sense of overall coordination, but if you are very tide is very hi that Kind of color difference will have a very good effect.

    jordan shoes Gray shoes and casual pants with

    Casual pants will always give a sense of fashion, and casual pants with canvas shoes is Yang Guan boy's favorite, gray shoes can choose some light-colored casual pants, through the beautiful colors to contrast; dark casual pants Will be with the visual impact, but also a good choice.

    Gray shoes and sports pants with

    Sports pants always give a very sunny feeling, and even if the gray shoes give a very deep feeling, but once with the pants or will give people a very sunny feeling, each boy will jordan sneakers have a sports pants , Choose a sports pants and your gray shoes with a look, is not a different kind of feeling

    Through the streets of the influx of people, you are not on the gray shoes with a whole concept of it? Jeans, casual pants, sports pants, which is more suitable for you? I believe you will find suitable for their own match, Everyone has a different opinion, wear out their own style, you can also become a street influx of people.

    2017-07-24 10:40:24
  • Elegant shirt skirt Qiao with, out of the street Fan, Variety has a feminine taste
    Shirt skirt collection of the curvy of the shirt and the soft dress, is elegant, intellectual, Variety feminine synonymous, is the goddess love a single item of fashion. Today, Xiaobian recommended three shirt skirt, each have their own style, whether you are to work, travel, shopping can make you hold any occasion, and then with a corresponding pair of shoes, so you Variety of fashion, absolutely let you harvest Full of retreat rate.

    Eugen yarn shirt skirt

    I was completely by the two sets of shirt skirt to the grass, the dream elegant and sweet and playful, the most suitable for travel, sky blue color, wearing in new jordans the summer, it seems that no clothes in general, no weight, And the Chinese design quite distinctive, small man easily hold live, which with a white harness, to prevent the light, Fun lower body missing wear, easy to create 1 m 8 long legs of both vision.

    Irregular skirt skirt

    cheap jordans for sale Hot weather when I really do not want to be too lazy with clothes, wanted to wear a peace of mind dress, and today I will give you Amway a super-sense of the design of the shirt skirt, waist is thin waist crotch cloth, weather Hot will not feel hot, but jordans for cheap the sense of fashion can be increased more than a little bit, irregular skirt is also a unique symbol, easy to wear off, put it easy to become a beautiful street scenery.

    Lapel dots shirt skirt

    From childhood to like to see Europe and the United States movies, like the classic inside all kinds of wear, and black and white with which the rate is very high, like a retro and fashion both hit color skirt, the size of the wave point mosaic, Black and white eye-catching color, so I quickly found in the crowd. Slightly high waist wide pendulum, very eighteen century round skirt style, with a white shoulder bag and pointed shoes, classic shape easy to build the goddess LOOK.

    2017-07-20 10:37:38
  • The word with sandals with skills, so wear the most beautiful
    Recently, the north and south have suffered a rain attack, especially in the north, really is menacing, this weather is also wearing shoes, shoes, then the tragic, put so long sandals the "comeback" friends. Sandals type so much, it seems to look or the word with the most beautiful. This can show the legs jordans on sale of the shoes can be said that the necessary artifact, together to see how with the clothes it!

    Today, said the word and T comes with the same purpose, can be regarded as a relative. The word with a sandals usually say is high-heeled, of course, there are flat, but this style of shoes with high-heeled look better.

    If your legs look good, then this pair of shoes can make your legs look more slender. If jordans for cheap the legs are not perfect, you can also wear through to make up for the disadvantages. As the summer appearance of the highest sandals, all actresses are wearing up, you also pay close jordan 13 attention to it

    Black word with high heels is the most classic, common and wild, always reflected with the ability to work. Cool V-shaped tape vest and white wide leg pants black and white with the atmosphere simple, the whole person is very fashionable.

    Tie sandals is the current trend, the word band as a tie with the streamlined model, naturally popular. Sleeveless gown inside the white dress, coupled with a black word with high heels, elegant leisure.

    cheap jordans online Do not like to wear fine high-heeled sister can choose with a waterproof platform with the rough section, so walking will be relatively easy. Many people feel that there is a slight step on the waterproof platform, it is not true, with good clothes how to wear light.

    Summer is the most common match with high heels and hot pants, this combination is the most long legs with a long, and we often see the young sister to such a dress in the streets. Choose a pair of different materials will be more attractive shoes Oh.

    To say which kind of high heels most favorite, cat heels must have a place. This little thing with the children walking and flat shoes is no different, but with the high heels are the same high heels, it is small and exquisite.

    Fresh and natural white word with high heels is very suitable for young girls, with a pink and people feel that fair and beautiful. White shoes also have a strong compatibility, with black clothes is no problem.

    Choose a word, but in the color and width of the band is very different, brown shoes so that she is more dazzling in the crowd. To tell the truth, supermodel wear skill is no doubt, but in the strict sense, many times, most people can not wear the same effect.

    Foot on a pair of high-heeled shoes with high-heeled shoes, sexy beauty. This summer must be the color of the wild sandals and high are so rich and varied, you do not hurry for their own election a pair!

    2017-07-19 10:37:25
  • Flat sandals with a good, gas field does not lose high heels
    How can you lack a pair of flat sandals in the summer! Whether you are high or short, the classic Roman flat sandals are essential things, no fine high with the "step by step startling", flat sandals of course is " Figure comfortable "choice. However, this season's most popular flat sandals, their benefits include but not limited new jordan shoes to comfort. Especially when you understand the match, put on their fashionable degree and gas field, do not lose the day high.

    Roman banded sandals

    Sandals strap design is particularly thin, but also gives a very elegant intellectual beauty. Regardless of pants, or skirts, are particularly attractive yo ~ rope and rubber soles of the composition of the shoes, looks very simple, the feeling is wrapped in the feet of the root rope. Matte material, the advantage is light. Straps of the Roman style sandals, classic and wild.

    Flat sandals

    A modern flat-bottomed sandals that make their feet completely free is really hard to resist. This season, the sandals are given more fashionable fun: luxurious satin, metallic texture, tassel embellishment, of course, simple and generous leather styling, comfortable wild style changeable flat sandals easy to get fashion circles people to it Of the favor. In order to avoid the embarrassment of wearing a street directly from the jordan 13 bathroom, it is particularly important to choose a pair of flat sandals full of design.

    jordans for cheap Loose thick sandals

    Thick sandals cheap jordans in the past few years can be said to be hot. Easy to stretch the leg lines, to create the perfect ratio, is a small girl with the preferred single product! This style of shoes coupled with jeans, especially casual casual! No fine high with the "step by step startling," but put on Their fashionable degree and gas field, completely do not lose days high.

    2017-07-18 10:30:57
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