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  • How fairy is not fat, shoes with the key
    One, V-port shoes, a word with retro jordans the exposed face is even more thin

    The hot V-shoe, because of the exposed part of the foot, can effectively stretch the sense of the foot, making your legs look longer, more thin and more extended sense; compared with the round-shoe, You will find that the V-shoe really will be more lean, because it will stretch your feet and make you look more leggy. Especially with high-heeled sandals, it really is not too high.

    retro jordans for sale Words with sandals have always been very popular in the sandals world. Simple and fashionable, the fashion circle and the circle of friends are very popular. As for thin straps, flat bottoms or high heels, look at your personal preferences.

    Second, strap selection, help you thin

    We all know that the width of the straps on the feet can determine the visual fatness and leanness of your feet. The wider the straps, the more visible the thin legs. On the cheap jordans contrary, for the fleshy sisters, they choose the style of the legs on the sides. The number of straps can also highlight the fat and thin feet, compared to Roman shoes, more suitable for the fat sister, because the tie is enough. With the cross belt, the foot can really be a lot of thin, and these shoes are also suitable for girls who do not follow the feet.

    Of course, we have hot Mueller shoes in spring and summer, in the choice of Mueller shoes we pay attention to high-heeled and flat heel; Although high-heeled Mueller shoes, shoes buckle has a design to prevent shoes, but for the fat foot girl On the other hand, it feels more tight, and it is even more uncomfortable to wear. This is related to the height of the shoe, and it's best to go to the physical store when choosing.

    This Muller shoe, combined with a word buckle, pointed, V-mouth and many other elements, make the feet look more thin from multiple aspects, with the 7.5CM high-heeled, let you The legs look retro jordans for sale more sleek and long, and the design of the belt buckle is a highlight of the model. The simple details reveal fashionable details. The comfortable inner design makes you comfortable and breathable.

    2018-04-20 09:39:07
  • In 2018, it was popular to wear a small white dress, wearing a pair of shoes to wear beautiful!
    With white sneakers

    White always gives people a dreamlike romantic feeling. This white dress can highlight the sweet and romantic temperament. The classic round necktie and contrasting black stripe stitching can be very good for grooming the graceful neck lines. Kind of youthful and playful college sense, exquisite letter decoration on the chest, full of sweet sweet girls, fish tail with white sports shoes to wear, leisure and sports Fan full.

    With jordans for sale strap shoes

    The fresh flowers are full of white skirts with fresh, unique tulle round neck design, sweet and elegant, irregular ruffled hem adds a little sense of spirit, stitching lotus leaf flared sleeves designed into seven points The length of the sleeve, just revealing a delicate wrist reveals a charming temperament. The white chiffon fabric comes with a fairy. With this year's popular strappy shoes, the upper fresh chrysanthemum is decorated with a high-heeled design. It is as sweet and charming as if it was first love.

    new jordans With white shoes

    The white shirt skirt is a favorite of soft sisters. There are two symmetric flower embroidery in the collar. It is very delicate and exquisite. The fungus on the collar splicing looks very interesting. It is also sweet and age-reduced. Picking a figure, wearing a comfortable, cuffs are also design of fungus, gestures are very attractive, wearing a belt under the collar, very sleek look, with a pair of white shoes, shoes hair decoration, really too sweet fell!

    With khaki shoes

    The openwork lace is full of small white skirts. It looks very elegant and charming. The crisp little lapels are adorned with black bows on the edges. The playful and lovely design is very simple. The sleeves are also lace and hollow, so there is a kind of looming perspective. Feeling very charming, slightly waisted design is very slim, with khaki shoes, three word embellishment, a sense of depth, the upper body is very pure.

    With high-heeled shoes

    In a white dress that knocks on a fairy, the small stand-up collar near the wooden ear looks very elegant and retro-featured, and with a bit of subtle beauty, the sleeves are decorated with polka-dot tulle, and the dreamy room reveals that the white skin is charming, the skirt It is a clever layer of flounces that are very clever. The light mesh has a sense of fantasy. With a high-heeled pair jordan 7 of shoes, it's very feminine. Wear it on the body to welcome the spring.

    2018-04-18 09:49:49
  • Man has 30 to take a good look, jordans for cheap how to wear shoes is handsome and comfortable
    Several classic fashion mixes, men have 30 to take a good look. What are the secrets in the end, the color of the pants is best not to be too close to the color of the shoes.

    With the rise of men's jordan 10 fashion, the way men look at fashion is also more comprehensive and detailed, a youthful shoes, in order to wear a fashion sense really need to carefully match,

    Lazy beanie sets feet business shoes, casual style wear comfortable, do not wear feet, wild design. , It can always modify the imperfect foot shape, the sole is super soft, free to bend and not easily deformed

    Tide shoes Korean fashion casual shoes, rich style, glow with charming temperament, allows you to easily become the focus of a very light casual shoes.

    cheap jordans for sale Men's low-cut shoes, black lines, personality, full of personality, in the work life in the ever-changing heart! Black is a very popular design element this year. The style is also very versatile and you can easily control a variety of pants.

    Small shoes British fashion shoes, rubber outsole anti-skid wear, in line with urban fashion pursuit. Revealed young and energetic, full of fashionable atmosphere

    Breathable and deodorant dress shoes, soft and breathable leather, green and beautiful, ultra-light texture, easy to wear and wear, wear very different on the feet, shoes wear with a very good effect

    British Bullock casual shoes men, very soft and breathable, easy to ride throughout the year Oh, wearing a more casual, let you full of youthful vitality

    Simple men's black tide shoes, sweat-absorbent breathable line is very good, keep your ankle dry at all jordan sneakers times, in the color matching is the trend, low-key fashion

    The overall lightweight design greatly relieves the sense of restraint. Intimate bend-resistant design makes it easy to wear the type of man's taste with a comfortable and light texture

    Hollow shoes a small shoe, Xiao Bian think that casual shoes, with casual wear, can play a very good effect.

    2018-04-16 10:04:17
  • In the summer of 2018, a variety of fancy shoes and skirts are used to enjoy the good times
    Good skirts with good shoes, both to wear comfort but also to wear the color, what kind of skirt with which shoes, it is really a headache, when you want to dress up the United States and the United States in front of her boyfriend, carefully selected a good-looking A very fair dress, but found in the shoe will always be less a pair of shoes that can be matched.

    Today, several of Amway's hottest and most popular beautiful shoes with beautiful skirts can add new members to your shoes. After watching the fairies, you must learn how to pick the dress that matches your today's dress. Oh, quickly collect them!

    Cozy commuter legs design, low heel can bring barefoot comfort, bow toe trim, stylish personality, coupled with a pink dress, the United States can not be a party, light brown is a very good match color, put on a very White, such a beautiful skirt naturally with good-looking shoes! ! !

    air jordans for sale Are you in love with sporting shoes that are eager to have a stylish dress? This super-inspired running shoe is perfect for you. It's easy to get out of fashion and casual style. At the same time with the upper body with sweater, wearing a denim skirt, easy to create a sense of fashion, jordans for cheap it is full of youthful vitality.

    Many people like to wear sandals with pointed styles in summer. It's a really good one. The small pointed head can be very good at decorating the foot shape. The foot mix design, with a small fine, with a minute exposure can be exposed light temperament. Wedges can stretch the legs, and the lower body becomes more slender. Together with the pink high-waist dress, the romantic atmosphere can feel good and beautiful. Now I want to quickly start a pair.

    This heel, using high-quality pu leather, Baotou after the package of hollow sandals, fresh and extremely boring feet, with different clothes have different styles, very wild a shoe. Especially in this sky-blue dress, the belt tied into a bow is a very sweet lady, very nice. Coarse heels are more comfortable to wear without wearing feet, but they also have a very pronounced elongated curve.

    This high-top strappy shoes, shoes are particularly good-looking and thin, thin girls are very suitable for the feet, red coat jacket and take the black sweater and shoes are the same color, red and black with a very atmospheric atmosphere, and Slightly slender legs are revealed, fair-skinned girls are more white in this body, and the gas field is quite full!

    The shoes are not fit, they all speak tears, and it is easy to expose their own foot defects. What is a good pair of shoes? It does not look beautiful, but more importantly it is jordan shoes comfortable to wear, and this comfort is built on your feet. Today introduced several pairs of shoes with skirts, which pair will be your dish? Did you learn how to pick it?

    2018-04-11 09:38:20
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  • This spring is popular in wearing a green dress, with the pair of shoes is even more beautiful ~
  • Spring alone pet black shoes, who told others wild and dirty!
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