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  • 1 meter 5 small wearing wide leg pants, shoes with a pair of more stylish!
    Black nine points denim wide leg pants + canvas shoes

    1, this nine-point wide leg pants, the most suitable for a short sister paper wear, more than 1 meter 5, 160 can be worn below the height, straight wide leg trousers loose type, put on the thin was hidden Meat, denim fabric, also with a little sensation, set off the legs very straight, and step on such a pair of flat-bottomed canvas shoes do not have to worry about, will not affect the height at all, because the short paragraph of the green sweater with exactly , skillfully lengthened the proportion of the body!

    Cowboy nine wide leg pants + white sneakers

    2, 1 meter 5 small, wearing such a nine-point denim wide leg retro jordans pants fried chicken suitable, simple with a striped knit shirt, remember to bundling the top, so as to show high, nine-length pants , revealing ankle, coupled with a pair of white sports shoes, in addition to leisure, new jordans more fashion!

    new jordans Caramel color nine wide leg pants + white square buckle shoes

    3, although caramel color is not the most popular, but it does not mean it will completely disappear, this caramel color nine wide leg pants, looking very stylish, the waist is also designed with a bow decoration, very good for the pants to add a stylish jordan 13 Degree, relaxed trousers version type, most hidden meat was thin, what kind of legs are not afraid, the upper body to choose a black halter shirt, take a white short paragraph outside the small cardigan, the foot with a pair of white square buckle single shoes, very It's comfortable, even if you step on flat shoes, but overall it still has a significant effect. What do you say?

    Black nine wide leg pants + black leather shoes

    4, the little man is very suitable for this kind of wear, black nine wide leg pants, put on not only thin cover meat, more importantly, is a good proportion of elongated legs, with a wine red long-sleeved shirt, shirt The trousers are completely stuffed into the trousers. This looks very tall and wooden. There is a pair of black leather shoes underneath the feet. The trousers and shoes are the same color.

    Black nine wide leg pants + white square buckle shoes

    5, cashmere fabric material black nine wide leg pants, more relaxed version of the trousers version, the most hidden meat was thin, nine points in length, wanton exposed ankles, easily stretched the leg lines, showing long legs minutes In the matter, the tops choose a stripe long-sleeved shirt, and the temperament looks better. With a pair of white flat-bottomed buckles and shoes, the comfort is more standard. A 1.5-meter-tall man can try this outfit and it is still quite high. of.

    1 meter 5 small wearing wide leg pants, in addition to the right to choose the right pair of pants, the shoes with the right is also very important, wear it to be more fashionable!

    2018-05-23 09:48:31
  • Nine pants + 4 kinds of shoes, the most versatile summer match!
    Cropped pants + boots

    The baby in the north can't wear ankle boots and wear ankle boots. The pants with naked boots are really super nice and fashionable! Nine pants + ankle boots or a little trick drops ~ want to be high, the most important thing is that the boots must be tight! With windbreaker long coat, pull the wind to not work. Slightly wide leg best, sack wide jordan sneakers leg pants, afraid it is jordan 10 difficult to wear good-looking oh ~ with the ankle boots do not let the nine pants, there are micro-speakers and trousers, to feminine or to be handsome, completely see Yours slightly ~

    Cropped pants + flat shoes

    Both are spring fashion items that add up to easily create the lightness of the spring. Even if it wasn't for long legs, the lower half of the body was bare, and the trousers and flats showed their ankles and insteps. They were refreshing and significantly higher. Even the big cousin who is sitting on a 42-inch-long leg wears a pair of flat-topped shoes. We have no reason why we don't wear it! Flat-bottomed slippers are a popular category of flat-bottom shoes. It's a bit of awkward feeling, and paired pants must be the best partner.

    Cropped pants + high heels

    If you want to have a leg that is taller than the sky, you can't miss the high-heel buff. Nine pants have solved the problem of thin, and the rest will be given to high heels! Pointed high heels, the most basic style, whether you are slim pants or wide-leg pants, are all "Tenjin oil", not afraid! After the official summer, it is the world with high-heeled sandals. The atmosphere is beautiful, elegant and elegant. It is another classic style of the influx of people. Want to make your look with a look more styling, then it is very popular with the high-heeled shoes in recent years!

    Cropped pants + white shoes

    White shoes are basically wild shoes, and the nine pants can collide with different sparks. Nine pants + small white shoes to wear well, let it leap into the star's private service standard! Skinny jeans + small white shoes are just as natural grounding gas as white porridge with mustard. Straight pants, not only cover the meat, the key can also be modified leg type, put on white shoes can not be more casual. The girl with a thick leg is best suited to wear a mini-crotch! Exposing the ankle is an elegant leg weapon. With white shoes, it is very romantic. Nine-point wide leg pants + white shoes are very young, just like they just came out from the ivory tower, a fresh bookish. If you use a neutral coat like a windbreaker or a motorcycle coat, you can use it in a cool style. Nine points trousers + small white shoes, the sense of seriousness of the wear and sports collision, not only the gas field is strong, cheap jordans for sale but also gives people a more vibrant impression ~

    jordan 12 Cropped pants + sneakers

    Now is the best for you, probably the most practical and stylish combination of wear - nine pants + sports shoes. It not only helps you to achieve countless kinds of collocation in the spring, but also balances comfort and fashion, and it is easy to wear a dynamic fashion that is full of energy and simple enough for chic. So you can imagine, this comfortable and stylish collocation of nature is well deserved to become the standard travel of all fashionable actresses this spring.

    2018-05-21 09:53:10
  • Who says "open flowers" dress does not look good? That's because you don't have matching shoes!
    The following Xiao Bian shares 5 full flowers dresses with various shoes for everyone.

    1, this year's "full of flowers," the dress is very popular, the upper body is a beautiful sense of the look, the color of caramel background, very bright and white, strap and shoulder combination of elements, a small sexy machine, the collar below the lotus leaf The decoration of the side and the floral decoration of the skirt are really sweet and fashionable sense. The elastic waistband, the waist is thin, the loose hem, the sweet girl's rotation, the summer, this year's popular cat and high heels, the retro jordans for sale swaying room full of ladies. temperament.

    2, stand-collar plus bow tie lace design floral dress, beautiful and sweet but also look good, while modifying the effect of thin face, but also this year's popular "open flowers" dress, sweet and stylish, very impressive temperament khaki printing, With elastic waist, easy to wear is also thin, very nice and beautiful sense, sweet and playful trumpet sleeves, upper body full of beauty, hem or splicing lotus leaf decoration, casual wear with white shoes on new jordans the ok.

    jordan 7 3, the classic black "full flower" dress, all-match fashion and very young age, do not pick the body, the upper body also showed temperament, elastic design round neck, modified face, coupled with pink silk, tied with a bow, the overall shape The full sense of sweetness, short sleeves in summer, and chiffon fabrics are just cool experiences. The elastic waist and the straight-line version are slim and concave. With white shoes, how to wear it is beautiful.

    4, the United States and the United States, a "full of flowers" dress, this year's popular style, white background and chiffon fabric, this summer upper body fresh and comfortable, but also by age, classic round neck with a lotus leaf shoulder design, Small sexy, sweet and elegant, temperament below the collar, a large lotus leaf decoration, a sense of depth, concave shape, elastic waist combination, to create the following are the legs of the waist sense of vision, the small man to wear easily High leg length, relaxed hem, with simple high heels, full of women's jordans on sale graceful body curves.

    5, this year's popular "full of flowers," the dress, fresh red floral design, will not be old, the upper body is simply beautiful not to not, white strap design, fresh feeling full, square collar design, very significant Face is small, but also fresh and age-reduced, the collar is high lace embellished around the cuff, really beautiful, hem is white lace decoration, double surround effect, looks very layered, combined with a relaxed hem, Between the gestures, it exudes elegant elegance, and it's really beautiful with a pair of white shoes.

    Who says that "open flowers" dress does not look good? That's because you don't have matching shoes!

    2018-05-17 09:49:36
  • The most fashionable 5 pairs of shoes in summer, with a skirt is really full of fashion sense!
    First pair: Word buckle sandals

    One-button buckle sandals can be said to be a summer favorite sister's shoes, the jordan 12 general word buckle sandals are accompanied by thick with the bottom, and the heel will not be high, wear comfort can highlight the body line beauty, rough With the design, the word buckle is also very fashionable, exquisite buckle, very suitable for summer wear Oh!

    The second pair: Rome strap shoes

    Roman shoes - is a retro style flat-bottomed design, and with a fine strap, put on a very stylish feel, jordan 7 and not pick the foot type, whether with a skirt or pants are super comfortable Style, low-heeled flat design with strap decoration, is no less than the sense of high-heeled shoes, summer essential models.

    3rd Pair: Witch Shoes

    The special V-port design cleverly exposes the skin of your feet and visually stretches the lines of the feet, while the slipper and single-shoe style reveals the most delicate heel area of the human body. Unique sense, the cat with the design of subtle and lightweight, showing its essence, giving a weightless sense of elegance, cheap jordans red super-legs white, this design style no matter what match is wild, don't want to take off!

    4th Double: Ballet Shoes

    The style of ballet shoes is a style that is carefully tailored for ladies to make the shoes more textured, the square head design is more individual, and the feet are more comfortable, the flat heel is the most versatile wild, and the strap designer is new. Season's trend, with a full skirt fashion sense.

    jordan 12 The fifth pair: flat slippers

    The design of the H-port, very well modified foot-type, slender skinny, such H-port is the hottest style of net red, wear it is very stylish, and is a flat bottom design, light and elegant wear on the feet, such a pure White enhances the overall texture, well elongates the curves of the legs and brings out a noble temperament. 鈥

    2018-05-15 09:46:54
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